Riptide GP: Renegade did not impress me at first, especially because I didn’t really like the preceding game in the series. I played Renegade with a group of friends because split-screen will always be my first choice when it comes to playing games. I always assume that it’s the most fun way to play. This was a pretty bad idea because almost nothing is unlocked when you start the game, and it made the game look extremely barebones.

I was a little disappointed, but decided not to let that cloud my judgement, and played the game myself for a little while. The game truly does open up in terms of true challenge, depth, and unlockables when you play through the single-player modes. I thought this was just going to be some crappy adaptation of a mobile game (it’s available on the Android store), but it honestly isn’t.

There’s a decent amount of characters, machines, paint jobs, tricks, and passive abilities to unlock, and I’d say about half of the tracks are pretty unique and fun! The other half are a little bit boring and feel like just a lot of straightaways with the occasional S-turn. Some of them have crazy jumps between floating bodies of water, and thunder storms that create huge, swelling waves for tons of tricks! One course has a line of submarines that are firing missiles into the sky and you can jump over them to get major air. It can get pretty over-the-top sometimes.

A plethora game modes are available, like challenge mode, time trials, and more than just basic races–such as slalom races! Some of the challenges are kind of a pain and make you slow down a considerable amount to maneuver through certain points or around obstacles, which makes them a little boring. This game doesn’t really feel fun unless you’re going as fast as you possibly can, so it’s a bummer when you’re forced to slow down.

One somewhat interesting thing about this game is that your vehicle will transform while you ride it–not into a different vehicle or anything, it just sort of changes shape. It’s listed as one of the big selling points of the game, but I don’t know what it does during actual gameplay. I never feel like it’s me who’s making it transform, it just sort of does it by itself. I very well could have missed something as to when and why they transform, but as far as I know, it’s an arbitrary thing that your vehicle does sometimes.

For the selling price of just ten bucks, I would recommend this to anyone that likes racing games or needs something to pass the time with a couple friends. Even though only about half of the courses are fun and get a bit stale after a couple hours of constant play, it’s a fun little racing game that offers surprisingly more than you’d expect.


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