Smite is a MOBA that sees amazing popularity on Twitch for both the E-Sports side as well as more casual streams. There are at the time of this writing 76 gods with more added every so often. There are different roles that each god plays, these classes dictate where the god goes on the map as well as what objectives they must take. Smite is a team effort and those who play with others and communicate WILL be the dominate force. Thankfully the PS4 allows for voice chat for easy strategy. There are also several different modes for those who want something different from the 3 lane and jungle that other popular MOBA’s offer. smite2For example, arena, where each team must escort the cannon fodder minions to the enemies base, while striking down enemy gods/minions. These features that are in the PC version of the game are all available in the PS4 port. This review for the most part will be talking about how well the port plays. I have been playing Smite for years and love it so if your wondering if I recommend Smite as a game it is a resounding yes, especially with friends. The PS4 port I can say while not as good as the PC version is a great game still for those who own a PS4. The controller works surprisingly well for this type of game showing how far your attacks go, as well as giving you a good amount of control. Each skill is mapped to the square, circle, triangle, and cross buttons, and pressing L1 with any skill will level it up when you have a point to spend. For those still learning, auto level and auto buy options are there for you and it will give you a solid gear set, but be forewarned that 99% of the time there is a better build. Items can be bought with ease at your base like in the PC version, and actives are changeable with the left thumb stick. Smite4There are a few issues I have noticed on the PS4 version that made the experience less than optimal. For example, having the game locked at 30 fps while playable would be much better at 60 that can be obtained on the PC version. I personally have had many people drop out of matches leaving either mine or the enemy team a man down and in a bad situation too. I dropped from a game on purpose to see if there where any repercussions like on the PC, but alas there were none. The visuals while looking still very nice also took a major tank from the PC version, which to me would indicate a higher frame rate but again it’s locked to 30.Smite3 The only advantage I will give the PS4 is the lack of post game chat, which is usually very toxic, is no longer there, and while I never like to see a feature removed this is a welcomed change. Smite is a great game that will steal many hours of your time and if you play with friends its way better. Best part is its free to play but if you get the ultimate god pack it’s only 30 bucks! There are also cosmetics which can be bought via micro transactions but nothing that changes the actual game play itself. If you can play Smite on PC, but if you can’t the PS4 version is a great choice too!

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