Plans get set in motion that will surely lead to an explosive mid-season finale as Rick and his crew begin their mission to rescue Beth and Carol from Dawn and her nutty cops at the shady hospital community they run.


Please note that there will be SPOILERS for The Walking Dead series and the “Consumed” episode below.


“Crossed” shifts away from the flashback mechanic used in the previous two episodes of season five and splits its focus on Rick’s raiding party, the Church, and Abe’s crew.

The episode starts with Rick and his gang prepping the church for their departure, as Daryl and Noah have persuaded them to go to Atlanta to save Beth and Carol. Carl, Michonne, Gabriel, and baby Judith all remain at the church. Gabe is still shocked over the massacre that took place in his church, so he begins to madly scratch at the floor trying to rip the blood from the wood itself.

Rick and co. head off to save Carol and Beth
Rick and co. head off to save Carol and Beth

As Rick, Sasha, Tyreese, Noah, and Daryl drive to Atlanta the focus shifts to Abe’s group who are all still a bit shocked over Eugene’s revelation. Abe is still mute and resting on his knees while Tara is trying to lighten the mood by coming up with a nickname for the group, which she now affectionately calls GREATEM. Rosita tries to talk to Abe, but he remains silent until he snaps and intimidates Rosita before Maggie threatens to blow his brains out. The focus shifts back over to Rick’s group, who are now planning their attack on the hospital. Rick wants to go in stealth style and kill as many guards as possible en route to save Beth and Carol, but Tyreese and Daryl want a more peaceful solution, so they decide to capture a few of Dawn’s cops for a prisoner exchange.

The episode then shifts back to the church where Gabe is still trying to scrub the blood away from the church floors. Carl gives him a stern talking to and persuades him to take a machete to protect himself while justifying the murders that took place at the church. Gabe then says he’s feeling ill and retires away to his room with the weapon. Meanwhile, back at the hospital Beth eavesdrops on a conversation Dawn is having with another cop in which they decide to take Carol off of life support. Beth pleads with them to keep her on, but they ignore her. After the other cop leaves Dawn tells Beth to save Carol and gives her a key for some medicine that will help her. Back at the fire truck Maggie stays behind with Abe and constructs a makeshift tent to keep Eugene covered as the sun beats down on his face. She proceeds to tell Abe to man up, but he continues to stay silent.

The capturing of Cop Bob
The capturing of Cop Bob

The episode heads back to the hospital where Beth figures out what meds she needs to help save Carol and gets her plan set. The action shifts back to Glenn, Tara, and Rosita, who are searching for drinkable water, but find only muddy streams. Rosita makes a water filter to clean it, which she mentions she learned from Eugene, giving the useless member value to the group. While this is going on Rick and his team capture two of Dawn’s cops, but more show up and save them, but then Sasha shoots out their tires, so a foot chase takes place. Daryl gets jumped and almost killed by a massive cop, but after Rick saves him Daryl commands Rick not to blast the guy in the face. Daryl is obviously uncomfortable with killing people again.

The captured cops tell Rick how he can make a deal with Dawn playing on the fact that Rick used to be a cop and so did they, so Rick listens in. Things transition back to Glenn and the girls who have found a way to catch fish and continue to bond. At the church Michonne tries to comfort Gabe who appears to be feeling a bit better, but after she leaves it’s revealed that he’s trying to break out of the church by ripping up the floor boards with the machete Carl gave him earlier. Not a good idea Gabe.

Sasha and Tyreese talk about Bob’s death and how she wishes she would have killed him instead of Tyreese. Tyreese essentially tells her to let Bob go because its affecting her outlook on life. From here the focus shifts back to Gabe, who has now escaped the church, but wounded his foot in the process by stepping on a nail. He lumbers off into the woods. Back at the hospital Rick is talking with another Bob, a seemingly good person from Dawn’s group, who gives him advice on how to get Dawn to work with him. Something seems fishy about this Bob, but Rick and his crew trust him and listen to his tips.

The episode returns to Gabe who runs into a walker and almost kills her, but stops after he sees a cross around her neck, so he moves on, still unable to kill even walkers. Back at the hospital the new Bob starts to work his magic on Sasha and cooks up a heartfelt tale about seeing one of his former friends suffering as a walker outside the warehouse they were in. Sasha agrees to help Bob put this guy out of his misery, but while she lines up a sniper shot he knocks her out and makes a run for it. The episode ends here setting up next week’s mid-season finale to be a doozy.


“Crossed” is definitely a transitional episode that ties together what the three main groups (Rick’s, Abe’s, Church) are doing en route to the explosive mid-season finale that will put the show into hiatus until next February. Up until now each of the main factions have been split up with their tales being featured in singular episodes, but now everyone is back on the same timeline. This episode had a rather upbeat tone, but that was all smashed by the ending, which everyone should have saw coming just based on the bubbly music that played during the final few minutes.

Sticking with the tone of this season the main motif of “Crossed” is how people deal with tragedy and depression differently while living in a zombie apocalypse. Rick has clearly taken the stance that it’s smarter to kill first and ask questions later based on his plan for the hospital raid, while Tyreese’s more peaceful approach is starting to catch on with other group members, namely Daryl. I found it odd that Daryl has all of a sudden become anti-killing, so his time with Carol clearly affected him and he’s trying to not be as ruthless in his actions as he was before. Unfortunately, this new approach doesn’t appear like it’s going to work well for the team thanks to Cop Bob’s trickery and escape at the end of the episode. I knew that something heinous was about to happen thanks to the brilliant use of upbeat music that foreshadowed the Cop’s treachery, which I found to be a great move by the show runners to keep fans feeling hopeless as they watch their favorite characters getting duped.

Rick doesn't mess around these days
Rick doesn’t mess around these days

This episode continued to intrigue me over the Gabriel character. I quite dislike him even though he seems to be all about peace and tranquility. He’s just the type of character that fans love to hate because you know he’s not down with Rick’s group, and will do anything to break free of them. Although, maybe this character is meant to offer fans of the series a look at how someone that hasn’t been with Rick and his group, or followed their adventures, perceive them. We as fans know Rick kills to keep his clan safe, but someone like Gabe who was essentially captured by Rick, probably just thinks he and his friends are demons that have lost their humanity and kill without thought.

I think the mid-season finale will bring resolution, in one form or another, to the Atlanta hospital thread and setup the second half of season five to tell a new thread in the tale of Rick and the survivors. “Crossed” may have been a bit slow and disjointed, but it was needed to setup the finale, and I think it did so masterfully, especially with the double cross at the end.

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