‘The Walking Dead’ “Them” Recap and Review

The Walking Dead’s latest episode has aired, and while “Them” wasn’t nearly as shocking as the previous two episodes, it still helped to flesh out how a few of the lead characters are dealing with the recent losses to the group. The ending is the only real highlight of the episode thanks to the appearance of a new character that seems to be up to shenanigans, which should make for an interesting run through the season’s final six episodes.

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Please note that there will be SPOILERS for The Walking Dead series and its latest episode below.



“Them” opens with various shots of the main characters dealing with the grief of losing two members to unfortunate circumstances. Maggie is gutted over Beth’s death, while Daryl digs for worms to eat and Sasha walks a dried creek looking for water. The group is clearly dehydrated and on the hunt for some liquid.

Rick and Daryl talk about the hospital incident but Daryl isn’t feeling it so he heads out with Carol to do some scouting. Carl found a busted music box and gives it to Maggie to try to cheer her up, his plan fails though. Gabriel also tries to console Maggie with his religious powers, but like Carl she mainly ignores his attempt to make her feel better. The entire gang minus Dary and Carol continue to walk down a walker littered highway with Sasha wanting to fight the walkers that are pursuing them. Michonne tells her not to be dumb because that’s what cost Tyreese his life.


Meanwhile in the woods Carol tries to get Daryl to talk about Beth’s death so he can release his grief. She tells him that Beth died so they could live and hands him Beth’s knife. Daryl maintains his silence though. The rest of the crew proceeds to setup a walker-tossing-assembly-line to easily dispose of the walking dead while on an overpass. Sasha gets overzealous and goes on a walker stabbing rampage, which in turn breaks the defensive line they had setup, so the six survivors must take the battle to the walkers. Sasha’s rampage almost gets Rick’s arm bit by a walker and she manages to knick Abe with one of her attacks. Michonne tells her to chill out and be more responsible.


The group eventually comes upon a bunch of parked cars and decides to investigate. Daryl heads out on his own to circle back and make sure they’re not being targeted. Maggie continues to be an emotional wreck while she finds a walker locked in a car trunk. She can’t bring herself to kill the walker, so Glenn does it. Daryl finds an animal carcass in the woods next to a shot up walker and then heads back to the group. Everyone is famished and dehydrated as a pack of dogs jumps out of the woods and threatens to attack them. Sasha blasts them with her rifle and then the group cooks them for a well needed meal. Gabriel throws off his priest band in disgust, fully accepting his new lot in life.

Glenn tries to get Maggie to drink some of his remaining water but she denies it at first. Eventually he gets her to open up about her feelings over Beth’s death, which seems to help Maggie, so she takes a chug of Glenn’s water. Sasha gives Abe some flak for saying that they’re all friends, because she doesn’t consider Abe to be a friend. Glenn also tries to get Daryl to drink some water, but he denies the advance and heads off to the woods for some alone time. He settles next to a tree by a barn and has a smoke. He proceeds to put the cigarette out on his hand without flinching, showcasing that he feels no physical or mental pain. Although, he does finally break down and has a solid cry over the loss of Beth.


While he’s having his moment the group finds a note and a bunch of clean water that reads, “From a Friend,” but no one trusts the offering, so they refuse to drink even though they’re parched. Luckily for them the sky opens up and dumps a ton of fresh water on their heads thanks to a killer thunderstorm. Daryl takes the group to the barn he found to get them out of the violent storm. Rick has a fantastic speech about their current state of affairs by retelling the tale of his Grandfather’s service in WWII. Basically, he says that living in a hell on earth is no different than war, which his Grandfather told him felt like waking up dead each day. Rick goes on to say that to make it out of their situation alive they will have to do awful things, but once the atrocities are over and the war is on everyone gets to go on with living their life. He explained to them that this is how they survive, “we are the walking dead.”

Daryl gets up to leave again but sees an open door. When he goes to close it he notices that a walker horde is already upon them, so the team bands together one by one to hold the doors shut while the storm and walkers rage outside. The group becomes one unit against the storm and prevails until morning. The next day Sasha and Maggie go survey the damage and see that most of the walkers were killed by the storm. While the two talk about life and the music box Carl gave Maggie a clean cut dude named Aaron approaches them looking for Rick. Somehow he knows that Rick leads their group, which obviously gets Maggie and Sasha nervous. To make the situation even more eerie the once dead music box suddenly comes to life as the episode fades to black.


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