Revised Thoughts On Marvel’s New Venom Series

Not that long ago I wrote a rather harsh review for Marvel’s new and third volume of Venom written by Mike Costa and art by Gerardo Sandoval. I felt let down after the first issue because the main character we are introduced to didn’t do it for me, he’s kind of an azzhole. The kind of guy you want to see get hit with a crippling body shot from someone like the Hulk. So I chalked it up to a wasted opportunity by Marvel, but it appears I might have jumped the gun.

Like I said in my review at the end of November, out of my love for Venom since he first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #300, I did grab issue #2. After reading it I’m still not a fan of the new host, former army ranger Lee Price, but I do like the internal battle taking place between him and the Symbiote. What we are seeing is the quintessential battle between good versus evil – where the Symbiote wants to be a force for good and Price craves for the typical bad guy crap like power and money.

Because of Price’s military training he’s been able to impose his will on the Symbiote, which is the opposite of how it’s worked in the past. As a result Price has kind of made the Symbiote his b!tch. And in every issue thus far the two have bumped heads over a number of possible life-or-death situations.

“I won’t let you kill this man. I’ll fight you. You’re still weak.” -Symbiote

In the beginning of issue 3 he almost breaks free from Price in order to bond with a police officer, believing together they could be heroes and save lives, but it doesn’t happen. At this point I’m finding myself rooting for the underdog Symbiote and that somehow he’ll break free of this loser and bond with someone else. A kind of journey to find a worthy host like Flash Thompson.

After reading the first three issues, seeing the story and characters flushed out a little bit more, I’m happy to keep reading on for the next couple of issues. So feel free to ignore my other review (lol). Also, now would be a good time to jump on this series if you haven’t before two big things happen in the next few issues:
  • The return of Mac Gargan as the Scorpion in issue #4, something that hasn’t happened in a few years from what I understand. Price will get his first real test as the new Venom.
  • The recent announcement that Eddie Brock will be making an appearance come issue #6, something Marvel teased about last week. For me, Venom will always be Eddie Brock, so I look forward to seeing him in comics again. We don’t know yet exactly in what capacity, but we’ll find out soon enough.
Venom #4 – In Shops: Feb 15, 2017



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