Revolution 60 Called ‘Heavy Rain Meets Mass Effect’, Launches Kickstarter


Giant Spacekat, an indie mobile development studio, has taken to the ever-popular Kickstarter to seek funding for their innovative iPad game, Revolution 60. Touted as ‘Heavy Rain meets Mass Effect’, it seems safe to say that Giant Spacekat has some serious plans for Revolution 60.

Revolution 60 immediately stands out from the crowded gaming market for a number of reasons. Developed for the iPad, Revolution 60 features an all female cast and aims to provide a highly moving cinematic experience. Players take on the role of Holiday, an assassin for a Special Ops group called Chessboard. Chessboard tasks Holiday with investigating an American orbital weapons platform that has drifted off course. Holiday will be torn between loyalties to her friends and her mission in Revolution 60, providing for tough choices and an evolving story.

Brianna Wu, Head of Development for Giant Spacekat spoke of her inspiration and plans for Revolution 60, saying:

“Revolution 60 is a complex cinematic experience, where story and choice are paramount, as players make moral choices that decide the fate of heroine Holiday. Influenced heavily by classic TV shows such as 24, as it does to anime and game changing interactive entertainment classics Heavy Rain and Mass Effect, Revolution 60 tell a short intense story built around touch controls.A successful Kickstarter campaign will allow the Giant Spacekat team to complete development and polish the game so that we can give every scene – each with countless details in music, models, voice acting and animation – compelling, emotional resonance”

Giant Spacekat’s Kickstarter, which launched today, hopes to raise $5,000 for the development of Revolution 60. The main goal of the Kickstarter is to bring Revolution 60 to a larger audience than simply developing for the iPad would allow. Hoping to fund development for the PC and Mac, Giant Spacekat  wants to bring their wonderfully animated project to as many gamers as possible.

Revolution 60 is looking to change how gamers experience mobile based gaming, thanks largely in part to its touch decision making, moving story and challenging yet accessible gameplay. With an expert team and the Unreal Engine running underneath Revolution 60′s hood, this is shaping up to be a game to look out for.

More information can be found on the Revolution 60 website. Those interested in the Kickstarter project can find the team’s video below, as well as a link to their page here.

Bring Revolution 60 to the PC and Mac:

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