Rian Johnson Continues to Defend His Take on Luke Skywalker On Twitter But is it Worth it

Rian Johnson can’t help himself on Twitter when it comes to some of his narrative decisions in The Last Jedi. His treatment of Luke Skywalker has been the most criticized by fans, because many feel the Luke in their heads wouldn’t act the way Luke did in The Last Jedi.

This debate popped up again yesterday thanks to the Tatooine Sons: A Star Wars Podcast‏ team, who posted a poll on their feed about Star Wars needing a course correction. This poll of course started a debate in the comment section, which was quite positive at first, because it was the poll originator replying to positive comments from another clear fan of TLJ, but then someone stepped in to shake things up. This in turn started another debate on what is allowed to be debated about with Star Wars movies, and then turned to examples being made of how Johnson fucked everything up by making Luke a grumpy old hermit who didn’t want to help his friends.

I’ve seen this play out far too often on Twitter when TLJ and Johnson get brought up. The two original debaters were having a good conversation with each other, they weren’t debating even, they were effusing their opinions of the film, which were overly positive. Then someone steps in and has to make sure that they know that he thinks they’re dumb for thinking TLJ was really good.

This is the conundrum the Star Wars fan base now faces on a daily basis, and it shouldn’t exist at all. For some reason, fans on both sides of the TLJ debate, much more so on the negative side in my opinion, feel like they have to force their views on others and talk them out of their own opinions. As one of the commenters points out, this is a useless tactic, as no human is going to magically change their opinion because someone else thinks it’s dumb.

Anyway, the debate went on about Luke, which in turn caused Rian Johnson himself to step in to defend his narrative choices yet again. First off, I honestly don’t know why he keeps doing this at this point. I know it must be hard for him as a Star Wars superfan and an artist to know that certain groups of fans hated his vision, but at this point he really needs to not indulge those who troll his choices. What’s done is done and no one is going to persuade anyone to change their minds on Twitter, so I don’t get why he continues to fan these types of flames.

At the same time, I also don’t know why fans can’t move on either. I mean I hate the prequels and still bitch about them to this day, but never will you catch me trying to convince someone who loves them that they’re wrong, because in their head they’re not, so who am I to tell them they are. I will surely let them know why I think they’re wrong, but I’m not going to sit there and blindly ignore their own feelings on them and try to get them to think like me. It’s a futile exercise that most Star Wars fans can’t seem to figure out, yet Rian Johnson himself continues to get baited by it. If anything, I think it proves just how big of a fan he is himself, so he, like many other superfans, can’t help but get mixed up in the Twitter black hole of trying to convince people who think differently than themselves about a piece of art. Art is purely opinion based, so unlike facts, you can’t call someone wrong for feeling a certain way about an objective piece of art. Remember, opinions are like assholes, everyone has them and they can stink at times, but that doesn’t mean you can change them.

You can check out the full thread over on Twitter, and if you really want to go down a rabbit hole, read through the comments on Johnson’s tweet.


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