RIM Launches Blackberry Torch and BB 6 OS

RIM has finally released its OS 6 on their newest touch screen phone the Torch.  The Torch will only be available on AT&T.  Why do these companies sign these exclusive deals?  Anyway, the Torch will be available on 8/12 and will ship with 802.11n Wi-Fi, 4GB of internal memory, 4GB of removable memory, 512MB of ROM and RAM, and a less than impressive screen resolution at 480×360.

In my opinion the Torch is already a year or two behind the curve.  It looks like blah and performs like blah.  I think it’s safe to say that RIM isn’t trying to compete with the iPhone 4, or newer Droid based phones with the Torch.  It just doesn’t have the sexy look and feel of the 4 and Droids.  OS 6 looks just as bland as their previous offerings, and it isn’t introducing anything that the 4 or Droid can’t already do better.  RIM is obviously catering to their commercial business customers, because I don’t see any gadget geek going for a Torch over other touch screen smartphones.  It’s just looks weak.

Am I coming off as fanboyish?  Maybe, but take a look at the video below and see what you think.  The Torch seems sluggish during navigation, and at times it’s just flat out unresponsive.  The new OS is just as boring as the old one, and the flow of the touch animations is jerky.  I just don’t see anything with the Torch that makes me feel bad about leaving the land of Blackberry’s for Droid central.  RIM should just wait until they decide to make next-gen hardware before signing exclusive deals with a carrier, because who is going to want to buy a subpar phone on a sh*tpar network??  The Torch is beat!  You’ve been punched in the balls BB fans…

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