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As I believe I’ve stated previously many times, I don’t really like sim games, I’m not very good at them and they generally just don’t hold my interest. However, I got to play a lot of games this year at E3 that subverted my expectations about multiple genres that I thought I knew about. Rise of Industry is a great new business sim that’s got a ton of different options for people that want multiple playthroughs. There are lots of different types of randomly generated areas you can jump into when you start a game. Rather than managing a single business in a single town, you’re sort of taking over an entire county with multiple, very different towns within it.

For example, when I was checking out the demo, we were in a large area and decided to start in a somewhat quaint town that sold a lot of hardware and had a farm area. So, we built a farm, built a water plant, and got to work. You can automate a to of your delivery services to various towns and businesses when you’ve got something that they need because the game moves at a pretty quick pace. This is cool because it means that you can really get where you want to go right off the bat, and the system as to what you can make and ship is fairly diverse. You can specialize in stuff like hamburgers, but that’s a lot more complicated than it sounds like, because there is a lot that goes into that. You’ve got the buns that need flour, water, etc., hamburg from cows that need food and water, then the crops that go on burgers. So you have like 7 different manufacturing facilities going into one product, OR you could just be selling all of those products by themselves.

It’s super intricate and it feels like you’re building these businesses inside of a world that’s already alive which is nice. It doesn’t feel like the world revolves around you, like everyone can take care of themselves without you and you really have to fend for your business to survive.  Let us know what you think about the game and if you’ve been playing the Early Access version!

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