‘Road Redemption’ Review – A Solid Spiritual Successor to Road Rash

I know the many gamers that I know have played the classic road racing/smashing game, Road Rash. Now the point of this game was to get to point A to point B while causing as much havoc to your other opponents has humanly possible. Now, let’s fast forward to 2017 where Dark Seas Interactive and Pixel Dash Studios have decided to revive this classic, with their own spins on the genre, in the form of Road Redemption. Road Redemption is a rogue-lite, motorcycle action game. There isn’t really a racing aspect as part of the main plot anymore, only certain times depending on what the mission is.

Is that a blue knight, you bet your ass it is!

Road Redemption boasts a ton of fun and exciting features that will keep you playing. There is a huge campaign in the game, though the story isn’t really anything to shake a feather at. You play as part of a motorcycle gang that is traveling across the land taking down raiders and ultimately taking down a few bosses. Though each section one the campaign is the same missions recycled with a new coat of paint, I still found bashing in the other riders’ faces with melee weapons to be quite fun. Even on my twentieth run through the campaign, I still found it satisfying to charge up a critical hit and decapitate an enemy rider. When you ride up next to an opponent the game will automatically match your speed to them, seemingly putting you into a skirmish, unless your turbo away. There were times when the amount of enemies to either side of me felt like too much, but with the correct amount of parries and attacks, I was able to clear them out. Dying brings you right back to the beginning of the campaign, understandable for a rogue-like game.

Racing through the snowy mountains.

Between each match in the campaign, you will have the option to buy certain items that do different things. You can get things to regain some health, expand your max health, increase your money pickup, etc. There are plenty of items to buy, but it seems like the cash gain is a little slow unless you have the perks that build it up. The in game selection of weapons is pretty nice as well. Depending on the rider you start out with, the first one started out with a pipe and a bladed weapon. Each of these has it’s own advantages, IE the blunt weapons do great against enemies with a helmet whereas a well charged attack with a bladed weapon will decapitate a non-helmeted opponent. You can also pickup explosives like pipe bombs and C4 and ranged weapons like shotguns and machine guns. If you do pickup a ranged weapon, you do have to aim and steer your bike separately which is hell in itself. Once you die, you have to restart the campaign, but not before using the experience you earned to gain some perks. These perks are permanent and drove me to play over and over again to make my character better. This is also one of the main ways you unlock more bikes and bikers. During the shop process you are also able to choose to upgrade certain weapon classes like your blunt weapons or bladed ones.

Fighting with your opponents!

There are a couple other modes in the game, but to me, they pale in comparison to the mindless fun of the campaign mode. There is a classic race mode where you collect medals across 16 unlockable tracks. These tracks are just some basic tracks with the same re-skins like from the campaign, sometimes they are ran in reverse to mix it up a bit. You can also play the game with up to four friends on the same screen, bringing back some of that nostalgia feel. The speed matching feature on the enemies seems to go away when you play with your friends though. I guess this makes it more challenging to boot your friends off of their bikes. The controls are simple, one button attacks right the other attacks left. You also have a parry button and a turbo button. Combine all of that simplicity with high speed racing and you create a high skill cap at certain levels.

The graphics in Road Redemption aren’t exactly the hottest around, but they don’t need to be. They can be muddy at times, especially while playing with multiple people. This doesn’t really detract from the overall fun of the game. I fucking love this game, it is mindless fun that brings me back to 17 years ago when Road Rash first released. Sure there are things that the game doesn’t quite hit, but I haven’t had this much FUN with a video game in a long ass time. I will continue to return to this world to try and max out my bikers and decapitate more enemy raiders. Go buy this damn game, seriously, go now.

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Review statement: The copy of this game was provided by the developer for the sake of this review. 

'Road Redemption' Review Summary

Story - 6
Gameplay - 8.5
Graphics - 7
Sound - 7.5
Entertainment Value - 10



Mindless violence meets high speed racing in Road Redemption. Bashing opponents off of their bikes and blowing up villains feels great. Aside from muddy graphics, frequent overwhelming enemies and a less than spectacular story, THIS GAME FUCKING ROCKS!

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