Gaming On The Go: Road Trip Gaming Recommendations Part 1

The little nub that could

Labor Day is right around the corner and with that many of you will be taking extended length car trips around the United States. If you are a passenger it can get really boring real fast looking at the same trees and blue signs letting you know that the world’s largest ball of yarn is only 20 minutes away. Fear not for I will give you a couple of recommendations to make your travels much less tedious.


1.  Tetris, a staple in anyone’s gaming library whether it be on the old school Gameboy, or for you modern kids your smart phones and tablet devices.  This classic game really stands the test of time and can be enjoyed by anyone at just about any age. Moving blocks to form lines may not be the most complex challenge but there is nothing more satisfying in this life than getting a line piece and clearing 4 rows of blocks. The goal of trying to beat a high score maybe gone from most modern  games but there is some kind primal joy about surpassing a friend or family member.


2. New Super Mario Brothers ( Ds), this game was the first to bring Mario back to his 2D roots and even with newer versions of this game the DS version is by far the best one for your money. Each level is fairly short taking only two to three minutes if you just want to clear them. Which makes it great in case you stop for food or to use the restroom you won’t be stuck in a long cutscene or in a time sensitive event. Each level feels fresh yet distinctly carries the Mario feel you expect from Nintendo. If you are looking for something with a bit of challenge there are secret levels, and exits to a majority of stages some of which will make you want to throw your handheld across the car and out the windshield. The best part about this you can play it not only on DS but the entire family of 3ds and 2ds systems, so no one is left out.


3. Animal Crossing New Leaf, our last entry today is for the 3DS. Animal Crossing New Leaf is the perfect game to really sink about 4-6 hours a day into. With working on projects around the town, hanging out with your neighbors, going fishing, planting trees, or just playing mini-games on the tropical island. There is always something to do in an Animal Crossing title, and if you’re traveling with a few people who also play the multiplayer option really extends the longevity of play time. Like the above Super Mario Brother’s you can pause at any time to stop if you need to. If you do decide to play Animal Crossing you will find yourself wondering how you got across all those states so fast because it really can suck you in and make you lose track of time.

Come back tomorrow for another entry in our road trip games selections.


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