Robocop is KFC’s New Colonel Sanders For Real

Kentucky Fried Chicken has curiously launched a new marketing campaign featuring Robocop as its new spokesperson donning the Colonel Sanders outfit. They already launched a three pronged video series to kick off the campaign, and while I’ll admit it’s a very odd pairing and makes little sense, Robocop promoting KFC oddly works, visually if anything else.

I guess KFC’s thinking is that who else would be better at protecting their secret recipe than Robocop, but it’s still a far out concept. I’d like to meet the marketing person who first pitched this idea.

Anyway, the first commercial sets this scenario up, as it features Robocop protecting the secret in an underground vault. Like I said, it shouldn’t work, but it does. I’m not sure if younger generation will get the connection, but I’d imagine seeing a robot man pumping up KFC would probably still get their attention.

The next two spots are more traditional KFC quick hit commercials. In the first, Robocop takes care of a hungry citizen, while in the second, he’s on the lookout for people trying to get KFC’s secret.

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