Robot Chicken Creators Show off ‘Star Wars: Detours’ Animated Series

For the life of me I still don’t know why I never got behind Robot Chicken’s zany style of parodying franchises like Star Wars, and other geeky franchises.  I haven’t watched their Star Wars movie parodies even though I know they’re probably funnier than an armless man playing ping-pong.  That may all change in the near future now that I’ve seen their next project called Star Wars: Detours.

Once again the Robot Chicken guys (Seth Green, Matt Senreich, and Todd Grimes) have managed to convince Lucas himself to get behind another one of their Star Wars based projects in Detours.  They revealed this new animated show while at Star Wars Celebration VI this week, as well as posting a few clips online.  If anything, I can tell you that the animation style is right up my Millennium Falcon’s wheel house, and the snarky writing seems spot on.

Over the past decade I’ve become enamored with the super deformed style mainly in the collecting space.  There’s something about over-sized heads mashed with a disproportionate body that intrigues my  sense of style.  As you’ll see below this look also translates well to animated shows.

Honestly, I just learned about Detours which will take place in between Episodes III and IV, and I already want to buy an entire toy line based on it.  I’m sure that doesn’t even exist yet considering that this show still doesn’t have an official home network.  It’s sure to get picked up (Lucas backed it), and this time around I’m not going to miss out on this excellent looking Star Wars parody.  Check out Star Wars: Detours below and let us know if it tickles your taint by leaving a comment.  You’ve been hoping this thing is popular enough to warrant a toy line…

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