Rocket League is becoming one of those modern cult classic games that nobody can really get mad at. Even friends of mine that watch me play it, and say “Oh, that looks boring and dumb”, pick it up for themselves and completely go back on their initial opinion. It’s just such a damn fun game that’s easy to play but hard to master, and has been doing pretty well on the DLC front as well. The stuff we’ve gotten like the Batmobile, the Delorean, and other such things are all really cool, and they don’t charge you an arm and a leg for them. Aside from that, the free stuff we’ve gotten, new modes and arenas, have also been really cool, even if people eventually go back to playing the original modes.

Coming soon is New Tokyo, a futuristic arena set in the middle of a very Tron-esque version of Tokyo, with some pretty cool stuff like a slightly different shaped arena, and scoreboards in the actual arena.

Alongside that, two new cars will be available for purchase, a couple weeks later, adding onto the two previously announced new cars, the Marauder, and Aftershock. The two newer cars are the Esper and the Masamune, while the Esper looks reminiscent of the Scarab vehicle already in the game combined with the Octane, the Masamune is a futuristic take on modern Japanese sports cars. The arena and the cars looks really cool, and there’s also going to be some new items incoming, along with some new trophies/achievements! So check out the trailer above, everything looks pretty cool, and personally, I’m pretty pumped to try out New Tokyo myself!

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