Rocket League is one of the most fun, exciting games to play either on the couch together or online, and has been since it came out years ago. It’s had a ton of events and new bursts of content, but Radical Summer looks like an absolute blast. The event is a celebration of everything 80’s, with all kinds of brands jumping in on the fun.

You can nab the Ecto-1 as a playable car, as well as Kit from Knight Rider, with a TON of cosmetics for regular vehicles based on other movies. I’m pretty excited to get a Goonies skin for my car, or the amazing E.T. wheels shown in the trailer.

There’s a handful of new modes, including a beach ball mode AND a special Ghostbusters mode. You get to use the Proton Pack on your vehicle to catch the ball (ghost) and try to bring it to a trap to score a point. It looks like the ball has to be in the trap for a couple of seconds, giving the other team a chance to get the ball back out and save the game. Check out the trailer above and let us know what you think!

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