Rockstar Comes Through-Multiplayer and Invisibility Glitch Patched

True to their word Rocsktar has provided a patch that should correct the annoying invisibility multiplayer glitch, and the connection error issues that were plaguing Red Dead Redemption’s multiplayer component.  Uh High five Borat style!  It’s good to see they unleashed their geeks to save the day, and button up the few issues with Red Dead Redemption.  I forgave the glitches yesterday, but I’m still glad they’ve been addressed in record time.  I bet the QA team at Rockstar hasn’t slept since Tuesday.

On a side note, I’m still completely enthralled with this game.  Last night I literally found myself playing horseshoes.  Yeah, f*ckin horseshoes.  Of course I was going for the “What About Hand Grenades” cheve, but it was still a blast.

I found the best way to score a ringer for the “What About Hand Grenades” achievement was to play horseshoes at Macfarlane’s ranch only betting a dollar to keep the AI’s ability at retard.  This way you’ll have more opportunities to throw some shoes because your opponent will throw ’em like he’s blind.  From here it’s a mix of luck and timing.

Bring back the horseshoe for about a 1 count then release it as close to the middle white notch as possible.  I found that any release before the white notch was too short.  You may get lucky and float one if you go a little over the middle notch, but anything past that and you’re going to chuck the shoe high and out of the box as if you hit it with a lob wedge.  After a few tries you should unlock it in less than 30 minutes.  If you don’t, you blow at digital horseshoes.

It amazes me that this game can take mundane things such as a game of horseshoes and really immerse you in it.  Quality game to say the least, so grab your Winchester and get to shooting some skunks, or the occasional drifter if you feel like some good ol’ gangster living.  You’ve skinned another armadillo…

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