Rockstar Delivers the Goods to L.A. Noire Enthusiasts

L.A. Noire came into the gaming community with a big splash, and for good reason.  The detective based game from Rockstar has paid homage well to the Film Noire genre and has brought to us all memorable moments and characters that only Rockstar can deliver.  As I play the game (not quite finished yet) I’m constantly worried about what I’m going to do once I milk the game for everything its worth.  The game’s intuitive game play brings  a level of satisfaction and thrills that few games have been able to provide in a world where many games, especially sandbox games, are just rehashed products with a new exterior.

The problem of having nothing else to do after completing the game however, has been solved.  Rockstar in the past has been one of the better studios with DLC and it seems L.A. Noire will be no different.  In the coming weeks there will be a multitude of things gamers will be able to purchase to support their addiction to L.A. Noire.  All of the DLC that was included from reserving the game has become available for both the Xbox 360 and PS3 (upon the stores return).  Also, two new cases will be available in June while a third will appear in July.

Two of the Upcoming DLC Cases for L.A. Noire

All of these items can be purchased separately.  Each case will run a total of  $3.99 (PS3) or 320 MS Points, while the suits run $.99 (PS3) or 80 MS Points.  This could add up to being more than you want to put out to keep up with Cole Phelp’s career.  That is why Rockstar has released a special pass that can be purchased for a total of $9.99 (PS3) or 800 MS Points.  This “pass” is a limited time offer and can be purchased from May 31 st to June 13th and this package essentially pre-orders all of the DLC through July.  This sounds like a tasty offer, and I’m sure many other gamers out there are thinking the same thing.

This new spin on purchasing DLC is surely to cause a stir amongst other studios if it lives up to the marks set by Rockstar.  Perhaps the days of purchasing single pieces of DLC for an inflated price are nearing an end, we can only hope as much.  You’ve been thinking that your journey as Phelps can’t be coming to an end…


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