Ron Howard Shares Multiple New Han Solo Movie Set Pics

The director of the untitled Han Solo film, Ron Howard, shared multiple new set pics from the film over the past few days, so we’ve gathered them up for you to check out below. A few are very interesting as they may reference previous bits of dialogue heard in the film, as well as possibly revealing bits of this movie’s timeline in regards to the other released films.

The interesting aspect of the image below is the caption, which may hint at a previously mentioned location from other Star Wars films. “Spicey?” almost definitely references the spice mines of Kessel, which we may be seeing for the first time below. It also may hint at the job that gets Han and Chewie on Jabba’s shit list due to them having to dump a shipment of spice while trying to avoid Imperials.


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This shot’s caption is also its most revealing, because it reflects a line Leia used in A New Hope about the Rebels facing their most desperate hour when she recorded her message for Obi-Wan. Could this mean that the Han Solo movie’s timeline could meet up with the events of Rogue One, or right before it?

Shooting a scene about desperate and dangerous times.

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Ron’s final set pic is of Emilia Clarke’s last day on the film’s shoot. Unfortunately he doesn’t offer up any details about her character, but the shot signals that the film’s production is winding down, which is a good thing considering that the movie is still set to hit theaters this upcoming May.


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