Rooster Teeth Announces Rooster Teeth Games

If you have ever logged onto a computer that had internet access, you probably know of Rooster Teeth. You know, the multimedia masters that are pretty much a worldwide name? Yeah, that Rooster Teeth is now getting into the world of game design.

This is their way of trying to bridge the gap between indie developers and the worldwide gaming community. Following the success of their hit game RWBY: Grimm Eclipse, their next title will be called Battlesloths 2025: The Great Pizza Wars. This title will be developed by Invisible Collective and will be available on Steam this Spring.

Rooster Teeth Games looks like they plan on doing a lot of work bringing indie developers to the light. With intent to bring a wide array of games to different systems, this will bring indie developers to a whole new demographic of gamers. Rooster Teeth Games will have a sort of open door policy, leaving their networks open to aspiring developers to pitch their content to them. Seeing a large company open up something like this is huge and I hope to see it thrive like they say. They really seem to be fighting for the little guys.

Go you, Rooster Teeth, and keep on doing what you do best!


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