Rotor Riot Wired Mobile Gamepad for iOS Devices Review – As Console-like as It Gets

If you have found yourself playing more and more games on your mobile devices, then you probably have wished for a better way to control them. Virtual controllers and touch-based controls are great for mobile-centric games that were built to use them from the ground up, but when you are trying to play console-style games with said controls, the fun can get sucked away due to the cumbersome nature of not having a fully fledged controller in your hands.

Well, thanks to Rotor Riot’s wired mobile gamepad for iOS devices, mobile device gamers now have a legit option to bring the feeling of console gaming to their portable phones and tablets. This controller is the first to be Apple certified and feature clickable thumbtacks, effectively giving it all of the inputs of a traditional console controller. Plus, with its wired connection, there is zero input lag, so the experience is as tight as it gets for gaming on the go.

With Rotor Riot and the LUDU MAPP app, mobile gamers can literally turn their iOS devices into full fledged gaming consoles thanks to them both supporting Steam Link, PS4 Remote Play, and a third party Xbox One streaming app. Plus, many other built for mobile titles also work with the controller, so gaming on your iOS devices should feel more legit than ever before.

You can check out the controller and the full review below.

Review Summary

Build Quality - 8
Functionality - 7
Ease of Use - 8
Price - 7



If you spend a ton of time gaming on your iOS devices and want a more console-like experience in terms of how you control said games, then the Rotor Riot is a great accessory to add to your kit.

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