Roy and Ryu DLC revealed in Smash Direct, available now

Prior to kicking off E3 this week, Nintendo hosted a short Super Smash Bros for 3DS and Wii U focused Direct this morning.Game director Masahiro Sakurai came on camera to reveal a great amount of downloadable content for the game, most of which is available right now! OF course, most of this information previously leaked yesterday, but having this content currently available is still exciting as well.

Most importantly, three new characters can be downloaded and added to the roster. We knew Lucas from Mother 3 was coming today, but Roy from Fire Emblem and Ryu from Street Fighter were also added to the roster. Roy is more powerful than when he last appeared in Super Smash Bros. Melee and appears to be more fleshed out than just a Marth clone. Ryu is one of the most technically complex fighters in Smash history, as you can input classic commands to make his moves stronger or last longer. He also has to final smashes, depending on where you launch your attack.


Roy and Lucas will cost $3.99 for either Wii U or 3DS, and can be purchased for both versions together for $4.99. Ryu will cost $5.99 indivudally, or $6.99 together because he comes bundled with the classic Street Fighter stage Suzaku Castle.

Other stages are available too, including Dreamland from the Nintendo 64 version and the Miiverse stage that will host user-drawn content in matches.

There is a wealth of new Mii Fighter costumes available as well.


The Nintendo eShop is, predictably, experiencing issues at the moment due to all the traffic for the new DLC.

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