According to the image above, which comes from Ain’t it Cool News, there may now be two Batman v Superman movies rather than just the Dawn of Justice flick we’ve all known about since BatFleck’s hiring.

The picture supposedly comes from a screening of the rumored teaser for the film that may show in front of WB’s Jupiter Ascending this February. If we are to believe it’s true DC fans will now have two Batman v Superman movies with the first part debuting this fall! The titles do look convincing, although it’s all too easy to fake photos online these days, so take this news with a grain of salt.

Personally, I think it’s a great idea to split this movie into two parts, especially when you consider how many characters are rumored to be showcased in the film. It would make sense to give a bit of time to just Superman and Batman in Batman v Superman Part 1: Enter the Knight, while fleshing out the formation of the Justice League in Batman v Superman Part 2: Dawn of Justice. The plots would be less rushed and could focus on the characters rather than just hitting a checkbox for how many DC superheroes can show up in one film.

If the Batman v Superman teaser does run in front of Jupiter Ascending we should all know for sure if this rumor is true or not, so stay tuned to EB as the days tick nearer to February 17, 2015.


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Via [AintItCoolNews]

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