Rumor: HTC Droid Incredible to Get Froyo 2.2 by August!

I mentioned a few weeks back that the Droid Incredible may be getting a small update that would enable, 720P recording, mi-fi, and other minor updates.  Well it seems this smaller update may be rolled into a full on OS upgrade, which should drop by August.  BGR has reported that the Incredible will get an upgrade to Froyo 2.2 sometime in late July or early August.  For you non-Droiders, Froyo is the latest build of the Android OS.

If you’re like me, you have to have the most current version of everything, and that includes software.  I especially love OS upgrades, because sometimes these updates are so comprehensive it’s like you’re getting a new phone!  I firmly believe if the Droid Incredible does get Froyo 2.2 it will regain its title of “Best Droid on the Market”.  I need these arbitrery labels to make me feel like I have the best.  Don’t ask me, it’s a geek thing!  Check out all of the alleged updates that Froyo will bring to the HTC Droid Incredible below.  You’ve been Frodo’d, oops he’s a hobbit, wrong term…

Updates to Incredible

• Froyo
• 802.11 n
• 3G Mobile Hot Spot
• HTC Widget: Email
• HTC Widget: News
• EAS Updates
• 720p Video Recording
• Amazon MP3
• Skype
• My Verizon

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Via [Gizmodo by way of BGR]


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