Rumor: Nintendo to Offer e-Books for New Wii U Console

The introduction of a new gaming console is often accompanied by rumors and suggestions about how it could change gaming. Rumor has it that Nintendo will introduce an e-book download service along with their new Wii U console and controllers. These e-books would be downloadable onto both the Wii U and the 3DS handheld console, and they will include classic Nintendo strategy guides, newspapers, magazines, comics and, of course, books.

Sources say Nintendo intends for the Wii U to be more than a standard gaming console. Applications, downloadable e-books, and possibly other features will be used to attract new gamers. Thanks to these expanded capabilities, fans are likely to be wowed when they get their hands on this new console.

Gaming consoles have come a long way from being just toys. Even Internet connectivity and multiplayer capabilities, which were once considered cutting edge, are now old hat. Game companies like Nintendo have had to come up with greater and greater advancements to keep the public’s interest and continue making sales.

Of course, most people will use the Wii U for entertainment. It’s made by Nintendo, so it’ll soon have a huge array of games to play on it. It’ll also allow the use of non-game entertainment like exciting books and funny comics for those times you’re not in the mood to play.

The ability to download onto a console opens up an entire new avenue of usefulness for game systems like using them for more than playing games. The possibility that Nintendo will introduce an e-book component presents the possibility that game consoles can be used as a learning tool, allowing the Wii to shine in education.

Universities and other institutes of higher learning have started to embrace online education, but so far many students have still had to sit and read hard copy textbooks. By downloading the books onto the Wii U, these students will be free to read their school materials anywhere they want and play all of their games on the same device once they’re done—or vice versa. Having the Wii console double as an e-book just makes learning more accessible.

Even if you’re looking to get your hands on a Wii U to play the latest games Nintendo has to offer, remember that this console is able to do much more. It may not be long before you find yourself reading the newspaper, comics, books or even your college textbooks on one.


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