Rumored iPad HD Could be the MacBook Pro of Tablets

A rumor has been floating around about an iPad HD, which site This is My Next claims will be a “pro” device with higher resolutions and tools for high-end video/photo editing.  This proposed iPad will have double the resolution of the originals, which should put it at 2048×1536, and it is said to ship with more advanced editing software for the hardcore movie/photography crowd.  Outside of that no other details have surfaced.

It’s speculated to be announced with the rumored iPhone 5 sometime this September, but it’s all unconfirmed by Apple.  I would imagine that an iPad Pro would be mighty expensive when compared to the original, as well as the deuce.  I don’t think we’ll be seeing a $500 price point for this HD model if it is indeed legit, but I’ll definitely be jealous of its HD screen and will undoubtedly yearn for one.  September should be quite the revealing month for Apple, at least I hope.  You’ve been given another Apple related rumor to chew on…


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