Rumors: Halo 4 on Xbox720 in 2012/PS4 with Built-in Motion Controls

I can’t believe it’s already time for the next-next-gen console rumors, but the time has come.  It has been reported in the last week that both Microsoft and Sony may be launching new consoles in late 2012.  Game reviewer Arthur Giess has recently been interviewed about his belief that MS will save Halo 4 to make it the flagship title for the Xbox 720 in 2012.  I have no idea where he’s getting his information as it all seems speculative, but he seems pretty passionate about it.  You can read his opinions on the matter here.

For now I’m calling BS on that rumor, because I thought for sure MS confirmed Halo 4 as an Xbox 360 game, but things can always change.  I would have to agree with Giess’s statement that it would be, “the most beautiful, system launching stroke they could possibly make next Christmas,” but I didn’t see enough at E3 to feel solid about it.  It would be a masterful business decision, and would surely drive sales for the rumored Xbox 720, but at this time it’s just people having diarrhea of the mouth.

Not to be out-rumored, the Playstation front is also starting to come alive in regards to the a new console in 2012 with the PS4.  Supposedly a Taiwanese manufacturer has let slip that they’ve seen details about the rumored console, and that it would have a built-in motion control sensor just like the Kinect’s.  Considering that Sony believes in a 10 ear lifespan of all of its consoles I’d say this rumor is even more far fetched than the one about the Xbox 720, but the mantra of a company can always change, especially if the competition is working on a competitive advantage in the next-next-gen console race.

So what do you think about these two 2012 console rumors?  Hot air, or is there some validity contained within them?  Only time will tell, but now that the rumors have started swirling around I’d say a next-next-gen console race isn’t too far off in the distance.  2012 will be a very expensive year if these rumors are true, so get off those food stamps and get a job!  You’re not going to want to miss out on these things when they do come out, because there’s nothing worse than being the last one of your friends to get a shiny new toy!  You’ve been pumped full of rumors and speculations about your next gaming console…


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