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Rune was one of the most fun, crazy games that I got to play at E3 this year, and I got to play it co-op with one of the devs. In a nutshell, it’s an open world Viking simulator packed to the brim with lore, fighting, magic, survival elements, and endless fun. During my time with the game, I hunted frost giants, sailed around between frozen islands with my partner, and transformed into a giant myself. When you start the game, you can create your character, I gave mine a mullet and a handlebar mustache, as any Viking worth his salt would have. You can also pick a god to worship which is somewhat like picking a class, I believe I picked Thor, which was basically like being a tank. I was proficient in cleaving heads off and taking hits from multiple enemies at once, and it was a blast.

At one point, I did a sick action roll off of a cliff as my partner pulled our boat under me, taking me to safety while some enemies fell into the sea. It was a pretty badass moment if I do say so myself, and I wish I could have recorded the moment to show you guys. My favorite part of the demo was when I obtained a rune that turned me into a Frost Giant and I took out my wrath on a group of enemy warriors. I got to slam them all into pancakes and swat them away like flies, laughing maniacally, maybe crying a happy tear or two. The runes in the game that let me do that are also a main mechanic of the game, and you’ll find them in hidden spots, chests, and dead enemies. These can heal you, give you buffs, or transform you (there will be more in the full game, but those are the kinds I saw when I played).

The game will be moving into Early Access later this year and I highly recommend that people check it out because it’s a blast. I had a great time with it, I thought it looks pretty good for a game in such early stages, and I think it’s got the potential to have a decent community! I wouldn’t mind seeing an all-out warfare mode that just pits fully armored and weaponized players against each other in waves to see which side is the better Viking team. That could just be wishful thinking because that would likely be a lot to add to the game, but I had a blast and I just want more.

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