Russo Brothers Confirmed to Direct Avengers: Infinity War

Like a mish-mash Battleworld made up of many parts, the details of the not-so-distant Avengers: Infinity War two-part movie are beginning to take shape. Marvel Studios is confirming that Joe and Anthony Russo are directing both parts.
The brothers have already had huge success in the MCU with Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which was one of the highest grossing films in 2014. The duo are preparing to shoot Captain America: Civil War, the first film in Marvel’s Phase Three as well as what may be the last large scale movie before Avengers: Infinity War.

The Russos were mostly well-known for their credits on Arrested Development and Community before they knocked it out of the park with Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Joe returned to the MCU to direct an episode of Agent Carter.

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