Saint’s Row IV- Hail to the Chief’s Airplane Trailer

Saints Row IV Airplane trailer
Saints Row IV Airplane trailer

This new trailer for Saint’s Row IV has taken the level of absurdity promised in the game up to a whole new level. It seems like every time some new information is released about the game, the features mentioned or trailer shown ups the ante of crazy.

This trailer features SRIV protag telepathically lifting and throwing another person high into the sky – all while wearing a top hat, leather vest and showing a little more leg than he might need to. Amidst dubstep and dancing, the trailer cuts back to the aforementioned – now flying – victim of the President’s assault. As if he wasn’t having a rough day already, he is whacked by the wing of an airplane.

Just your average, run of the mill day in the world of Saint’s Row IV I suppose. Check out the trailer below and keep an eye out for SRIV hitting shelves this August.

Saints Row IV – Hail to the Chief – Airplane

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