Samsung Galaxy R Kicks Off New Naming Convention

Samsung has recently announced its new Galaxy R smartphone, which will be a variant of the hugely popular Galaxy SII, and has recently supplemented this with news that they are to adopt a new naming convention for their phones from now on. Under the new scheme the Galaxy S series will be the crème de la crème, while the Galaxy R range will be a slight step down. Underneath this there will be the Galaxy W, Galaxy M and Galaxy Y. Phones with QWERTY keyboards will get an additional Pro at the end of their name, while phones that offer updated hardware on older models will get an additional Plus.

The Galaxy R is in most respects the same phone as the Galaxy SII, which has in the space of a few months sold over 5 million units. By the end of the year it is expected to exceed 10 million, particularly if the planned US release manages to go ahead without any blocking from Apple, and Samsung hopes to achieve a similar level of sales with Samsung Galaxy R deals. Regardless, it is currently one of the hottest Android phone deals currently doing the rounds in the UK and other parts of the world.

There are a few differences between the Galaxy R and the Galaxy SII however. The first is that it will use a different screen technology. The SII uses Samsung’s phenomenal Super AMOLED Plus screens that offer some of the best vibrancy of detail of any smartphone screen. The Galaxy R will instead use Super Clear LCD, which is a little bit of a step down but still a fantastic screen when it comes to quality. The added benefits are that it offers a little bit more detail and will probably fair better in direct sunlight.

Also slightly tweaked is the processor, which is now a slightly slower 1GHz dual core ARM Cortex A9 chip, a move away from the 1.2GHz Exynos CPU found on the SII. It still has 1GB RAM on offer and for all intents and purposes should offer an equal amount of raw power and speed. Certainly, the SII does not struggle with anything it can do and the Galaxy R will offer the same robust performance.

The two other major differences are that the Galaxy R has half the internal storage, at just 8GB (although still expandable with 32GB microSD cards), and the camera is now a more modest 5 megapixel snapper with 720p video. The camera still offers better quality than most people will need in day to day situations, even if it is a little less glorious than the one on Samsung’s flagship.

All these changes are only slight in terms of performance, and side by side the two phones are virtually indistinguishable. However, the changes do serve to make the Galaxy R much cheaper than the current flagship Android phone and should give us an indication of what sort of phones to expect from the future Galaxy R range of handsets.

The new naming convention means that we can probably expect a Galaxy R2 at some point, and maybe even a Samsung Galaxy SII Pro to compensate for the haphazard onscreen keyboard of Samsung’s current flagship.  You’ve been shown what the Galaxy has to offer…


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