Samsung Galaxy Z/R with Android Gingerbread

Samsung has been enjoying enormous success lately with the Galaxy SII, a phone that has sold over 3 million units in the space of just a couple of months and has been the first phone to knock the iPhone 4 from the top of the sales chart since the Apple phone was launched in the summer of 2010. Now Samsung is launching a sister handset that will incorporate many of the same features as the SII albeit with some slight changes that should make it more comfortably priced.

The phone will be known as the Galaxy R, or possibly the Galaxy Z, but either way there are some noticeable changes from the current Galaxy SII. The screen will be ever so slightly smaller than the 4.3″ one found on the Galaxy SII, measuring 4.2″. It is also expected to be a Super Clear LCD screen instead of the Super AMOLED Plus screen found on the SII. This could make it a bit more viewable in direct sunlight although it will still offer a comparable level of quality with a WVGA resolution.

Like the former SII the Galaxy R will be dual core, but with a slightly slower 1GHz chip. The new Galaxy will also run on Android Gingerbread and will be afforded the same software goodies as the current Galaxy flagship, including the TouchWiz interface, social networking support and access to Android Market for more apps and games.

Samsung Galaxy Z/R Form Factor

The camera is another area that has had a slight reworking, now coming with a 5 megapixel camera with 720p video support. This is slightly down from the 8 megapixel 1080p camera of the SII, but still offers an excellent level of quality for photographic and video recording purposes. For other entertainment purposes the Galaxy R is on a fairly level playing field with YouTube and adobe flash support, excellent music and video playback and an FM radio, although internal memory is now set at 8GB. This is still upgradable with 32GB microSD – just like the SII.

The Galaxy R packs in decent 3G and Wi-Fi support as well, so online features can be enjoyed in most situations. All in all the Galaxy R is very faithful to the SII in terms of physical appearance and features, although some areas have had a reworking to make this phone more affordable than the original.

The SII is proving to be a hugely popular device and one of Samsung’s most successful smartphones in recent years, and it would be no surprise to see the Galaxy R being equally successful. With a slightly lower price tag expected, the Galaxy R could even outperform the SII when it is released in the coming months – an exact release date has not yet been confirmed.

Samsung Galaxy SII Form Factor

The success of the Galaxy SII has caused a lot of bitter resentment from Apple, who have launched lawsuits against the Korean giant claiming that the phone has liberally pinched ideas and design themes from the iPhone. In recent developments a US court agreed and it seems that in the long term Apple will look to bar the sale of the offending Samsung phones within the United States – which would include the Galaxy SII, and the new Galaxy R.  You’ve been shown a few options from the Galaxy…


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