Samurai Fights The Shadows and It’s Suprisingly Awesome

The Shadows isn’t some super secret ninja clan either, I’m actually referring to those silhouettes that we’ve all seen of ourselves whilst in the sun.  I’m guessing this clip comes from some sort of artsy fartsy show, but that doesn’t mean it blows goats like your local farmer.  It’s actually pretty impressive considering the whole stunt has to be choreographed, and then executed perfectly to maintain the illusion.  I’d say this video is like a ballet for men.  There’s definitely a dance going on, but it involves swords, so it’s a dance recital that I can get behind.  At least there’s no dudes in leotards exposing their man bulges to the World!  If you’ve been needing a little culture in your life, but you only want it if it’s manly; then I suggest watching the shadow sword fight below.  You’ve never thought that a dance could be worth watching unless it involved a stripper pole and a girl with low self-esteem…


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