Samus is back in Metroid Prime: Federation Force for the 3DS

During Nintendo’s Digital Event for E3 2015, they announced and revealed the first trailer for Metroid Prime: Federation Force, a multiplayer Metroid experience that strays away from some of the series mainstay themes to bring you a frenzied first-person shooter.

It basically looks like a sequel to Metroid Prime Hunters on the original DS, even retaining the “Prime” moniker. Hunters, a wildly hyped but ultimately fairly disappointing title (so says the consensus – I quite liked it!) added multiplayer to the Metroid franchise and brought the series online for the first time. Federation Force follows suit. But it does add many of its own ideas, including having four-player co-op missions for the first time in the series, and even a 3 vs. 3 sci-sports battle type game where you blast – what appears to be – a giant soccer ball-like object into your opponent’s goal…Yes, really. Space soccer might not exactly scream Metroid, but it’s important to note that Next Level Games is developing the title, which means Retro Studios’ next game is as of yet still unrevealed. Don’t lose faith yet, Metroid fans.

It might not be the Metroid game you wanted or expected, but with Metroid in the title, hopefully the Nintendo stamp of approval means a quality product. And from the looks of it, the potential is there. Check out the trailer above to see for yourself, and stay tuned for more information on Metroid Prime: Federation Force.


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