Sandy Is “Drifting” In Latest Awe Inspiring ‘Gravity’ Clip

Sandra Bullock in Gravity

Sandra Bullock in Gravity

Warner Bros. is amping up the Gravity hype machine this week with a deluge of new clips featuring the space themed drama by Alfonso Cuarón.

The first clip released is called “Detached” (embedded below.) It features a harrowing single-take scene of pure fear induced awesomeness when Sandra Bullock and George Clooney’s space shuttle gets decimated by a debris storm. This accident hurls Bullock’s character into deep space, and sets the perfect tone for this thriller.

A new follow up clip to that spot has been released, and it’s called “Drifting”. If you’ve seen the clip mentioned above, then the new one’s title will make complete and perfect sense. I would assume that this film is basically the worst nightmare of every astronaut on the planet, and it surely seems poised to frighten movie goers when it opens this October.

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