Saw This Coming a Mile Away – Antenna-aids

Well Steve, speak it and you shall receive!  Last week during the ‘Antennagate’ press conference, Steve Jobs made a comment about Eminem making a band-aid for the iPhone 4, or something along those lines.  Eminem didn’t make it himself, but the first line of ‘Antenna-aids’ have hit the market.  Steve Jobs really does have a powerful voice doesn’t he?  These little deals as you can see below look just like band-aids if they were meant to be used on phones.

How sad is it that a super device like the 4 needs a f*cking band-aid!  You have to love that a company popped up as a result of an Apple engineering snafu.  God bless capitalism!  If you want an antenna-aid check out their site here.  You’ve been patched, physically.

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