“Saw VII”: It Will be In 3D

Never mind if you don’t buy into the whole “Saw” concept, but have you ever heard of a movie franchise that isn’t porn, have seven entries in it?  That just blows me away.  Star Wars has six films, and that took 30 some years to accomplish.  “Saw” and its creators spit a new one out every year.  It’s almost become a Halloween tradition to see how gruesome and vomit inducing the next “Saw” movie will be.

The terror of “Saw” is going to be amplified in the 2010 version, because like everything else hitting the silver screen, it will be in 3D.  First off, this 3D stuff is getting out of control.  How long before some shit sues the movie companies or a theater for having their eyes destroyed from a 3D film experience.  I have a feeling that “Saw VII 3D” will go for the gimmicky pop off the screen 3D effects, versus the 3D mastery of “Avatar”.  I’m sure enough fans will go and see this seventh entry regardless of its 3D presentation to ensure a “Saw VIII” in 2011.

Hey, I really don’t blame the creators of “Saw” for whipping these things out each year.  Obviously their making money each year, or the production of additional movies in the series would get shut down quicker than your local whorehouse.  I’ll admit that I’ve seen each one albeit on my home theater, but I am entertained by them.  Maybe I am demented, “Do you want to play a game?”

You’ve been enlightened…

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