Say It Ain’t So! – Gears of War 3 Dedicated Servers Rumor Squashed

I mentioned a few weeks ago that EPIC Games may in fact include dedicated servers for Gears of War 3 multiplayer matches.  What this means is that there’d be a building full of servers that would host matches rather than an actual player being the host and the other gamers attaching to said host.  If you’ve played other GOW games you are well aware of the “host” advantage.

Basically, whoever is host has an advantage over everyone else because their packets register faster than everyone else.  That’s geek speak for their gun works way better than everyone else, and you can usually tell by kill count who is host.  The host pretty much becomes a shotty liquefying machine who is near impossible to kill.

Let’s just say it leads to some serious frustrations, and ultimately turns many gamers off.  In my opinion it’s one of the most aggregious errors in gaming because you can never truly tell if someone is a great gamer, or just host.  Hell, you couldn’t even play Gears 2 with anyone from a different country because the lag was so bad.

Now with dedicated servers all of the host BS is removed.  Everyone connects to the same server and technically should have very similar connections in game.  There shouldn’t be a gamer that stands out as the host.  Think of games like Battlefield: Bad Company 2, which runs on dedicated servers.  It’s a very pleasent experience that feels fair and balanced unlike Gears 2, which feels like your soul gets ripped out sometimes.

It’s very clear that on-line shooters function better with dedicated servers, so when I heard that Gears of War 3 may have them, I felt a mound in my shorts, and it wasn’t a pile of poo!  I thought that EPIC was finally doing us Gears fans a favor, and we would get the best Gears MP to date when GOW 3 comes out in 2011.  Unfortunately, this may not be the case after all.

I guess Mark Rein, the President of EPIC, was quoted saying that dedicated servers would indeed be in Gears of War 3.  The only problem is they’re not.  I guess when ran the story the folks over at the EPIC Community quickly corrected what Mark Rein said.  In a short and sweet statement EPIC said, “Mark Rein was misquoted. We have not announced dedicated servers.”

Sure they shot down the announcement, but the way that statement reads there’s still hope.  EPIC just said they haven’t announced them, which is much better than saying it’ll never happen.  We are still close to a year away from the release of Gears of War 3, so hopefully EPIC will indeed officially announce dedicated servers, but for the time being anything you hear about servers is just rumor and speculation.  Bummer.  You’ve been upset, for now…
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