Scalebound Coming Holiday 2016: New Info, Trailer, Screens

At last year’s E3, Microsoft and Platinum Games announced a partnership that would bring the world an exciting, Xbox One exclusive game by the name of Scalebound. Announced through a short teaser trailer, the gaming world was shown a cocky looking, Dante stand in, sporting headphones and a bad ass sword.

Since then, Scalebound has been relatively quiet. The game skipped this year’s E3 as Platinum Games announced a handful of other projects.

During Microsoft’s Gamescom presentation Scalebound reared its head once more. With a lengthy gameplay trailer, some multiplayer information, and a fresh batch of screenshots all revealed today, it’s safe to say that Scalebound is back in the gaming foreground once more.

Microsoft have confirmed that Scalebound will release during the holiday 2016 season, giving Xbox One owners a little more than a year to wait for the title to hit shelves. Additionally, Scalebound has up to four player cooperative play. which allows friends to gear up and tackle massive variety of beasts and humans alike.

The new Scalebound screenshots can be found in the gallery below.


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