Schwarzenegger & Stallone: Multigenerational Bad Asses

What action movie fan out there hasn’t seen some of the work from either Mr. Stallone or Mr. Schwarzenegger?  If you’re a guy reading this and you said me, turn in your man card and get a vasectomy because there is no way you should ever procreate!!  Both of these guys are the epitome of action superstar and all around bad asses!  Hell even now in their 60’s they likely look better than you and can still kick your ass without breaking a sweat.  I would argue that there were no bigger action stars of the 70’s, 80’s, and even the early 90’s than Sly and Arnold.

For me, one of the most impressive things about each is how they have maintained their bad ass status across multiple decades.  I will admit that Stallone is going and looking stronger still but hey let’s face it, he is still on a steady diet of the juice and isn’t trying to run a state that is completely broke like Arnold is.  Never the less both have had long sustained careers that have produced many classic movies and cheesy quotes still used to today.

Check out the video below released by IGN Entertainment looking back at the careers of these two bad asses.  After checking out this article on EB, you’ve been thinking to yourself: “I’ll be back”…

Stallone and Schwarzenegger: The Last Action Heroes

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