Scientists Closer to Becoming God

I guess this really isn’t entertainment news, but I found it interesting none the less.  I’m a geek and I had a hard time reading the article, but it seems scientists were able to create atom smashing similar to the theory of the Big Bang.  The Big Bang is what scientists think created the universe, or for religious folks it’s the seven day period where God built the universe.

Reading this all I could think about is that scientists are really close to imploding the Earth, time traveling, or creating an alternate reality.  There’s some terms in the article that are straight up ‘Back to the Future’ 1.1 jigawatt style.  Uber-smart people amaze me.  Do you think any of these scientists can communicate with regular humans?  Check out the full article below for all of the dorky details.

You’ve been enlightened…

Via [Physorg]


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