‘Scott Pilgrim’ Author Releases New Graphic Novel

Bryan Lee O’Malley released his newest graphic novel, ten years after the first Scott Pilgrim book became available. In an interview with Wired, O’Malley talks about the continuance of life after a coming-of-age story like the Pilgrim series:

“You come of age and then you’re like, wait a minute, that’s not the end of my story. What do I do now? Seconds is very much about reaching out for the next thing after you’ve figured out the first thing.”

O’Malley goes on to explain how he now connects with a younger crowd now that he’s on the other side of 30:

“I started hanging out with younger people at SVA [the School of Visual Arts] who were like 21. It was kind of a shock to suddenly realize that… I’m an old person to them, I’m established. It made me see myself differently.”

His new book takes on the role of what happens after the coming-of-age event. The story follows a 29-year old woman named Katie who started a restaurant with her friends. It then jumps four years later, showing Katie standing alone next to the restaurant. As with any almost-thirty-something, Katie feels regret mixed with a sense of pride for what she’s accomplished so far. She just knows she can do much more.

Check out some of the panels from the book below:




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Via [Wired]

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