Screen Protectors Cause Madness On My HTC Thunderbolt and Other Updates

Do any of you strive for perfection when it comes to using a screen protector on your smartphone?  Does the thought of trapped air and dust under your screen protector give you nightmares?  If you answered yes to either of these questions then you’re officially insane just like me.  I’ve just gone through my 3rd screen protector on my new HTC Thunderbolt, which I’ve only had for 2 days.

The reason for me rapidly going through screen protectors is because each time I lay it on the Thunderbolt’s screen something gets f*cked up!  Without fail I seem to get some sort of dust particle in between the phone’s screen and the protector, which causes a small bubble to appear under the screen protector.  Unlike a normal person I can’t handle this at all.

The thought of having to look at a piece of dust on my Thunderbolt’s lovely 4.3″ screen is enough to make me bang my head off of a brick wall until brain matter starts oozing down my face.  The worst part is the fact that the rep at the Verizon store actually did a pretty decent job at laying on the screen protector without too much sh*t getting stuck under it, but there was one air bubble about 1mm thick on the bottom right corner that kept screaming, “Look at me freak!  I’m an imperfection and you know you can’t stop noticing me!”  So like any obsessive a-hole who can’t accept anything less than perfection I decided to remove the protector that the store put on and give it a go myself.  What a f*cking mistake!

My first attempt was pretty solid, at least until I saw a white spec of dust in the bottom of my screen that was no biger than a gnat’s d*ck.  Right then and there I knew I’d be breaking out my last of 3 protectors and start again.  This time I even tried quarantining myself in a room that I believed to be dust free, but I was wrong again.  Before I could even put the damn thing on I noticed a hair attached itself to the sticky side of the protective cover.  For those of you that share a similar sense of insanity to myself you’d know that this development spelled certain doom.  I tried to wipe it off with some soapy water, but that only lead to a smudge look.  At this point I was ready to ball up in a corner and wallow in my own waste and pity until I died.

Currently, I’m still at this point.  I have a jacked up screen protector that has wholly consumed my every thought.  If this post does anything, it should prove to you how dedicated I am to getting a perfect lay down of a screen protector on my HTC Thunderbolt.  It is weighing so heavily on my mind that I’m freaking writing about it like people would actually give a rat’s ass.  What a tool right?  I know, I agree, but it’s the way my head is wired.  I will not be able to move on with my life until this retarded issue is fixed, so don’t expect my full review of the HTC Thunderbolt today.

Real quickly though, I’m still digging it.  I went a full day with the stock battery and got about 8 hours with heavy to moderate use.  Today has been a different story though.  In just 2 hours off the charger the old Thunderbolt is down to 60% life.  It seems the cell standby is the biggest culprit, but it wasn’t a factor yesterday, so I’m not sure what is going on there.  In fact, this makes no sense, but I’ve always gotten better battery life on my Droids when I leave the Wi-Fi on.  I’m not sure if this is because I spend a good chuck of my day in a basement, so my phone is always fighting to stay connected to the Network, or what.  But she’s definitely under performing today.

I’m sure my setup of widgets and social networking apps doesn’t help either, but I had more or less the same setup on my Droid X and it didn’t get crushed like this.  Hopefully some battery conditioning will help things out, plus I plan on getting a larger battery anyway, but not the honker sized one from Verizon.  I’m thinking one of the slimmer joints from Seidio will do the trick, which will increase my mAh from 14oo to 1600.  Stay tuned for more updates on all of the madness that is being me with a new toy.  You’ve been wanting to slap me for being such a tool…

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