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The Simpsons has been running for what seems like my entire life, and while I’ve been remiss about watching the last couple of seasons I’ll always appreciate the series for its accomplishments.  I mean how many TV shows, let alone cartoons, have ran for 20+ years in primetime?  It’s a mind boggling feat that proves The Simpsons formula has remained relevant for many generations of fans.  One piece of this successful formula is the opening credits, which always features a new Bart chalkboard quote, and a new animated sequence for the Simpson family rushing to their couch.

I came across a site that contained a picture of all of Bart’s quotes, so I decided to embed it here for your reading pleasure.  It’s almost like a nostalgic trip through time, so if you were ever a Simpsons fan I’d suggest taking a gander at all of Bart’s quotes that he’s had to scribble over the past 20+ seasons down below.  He’s definitely the wisest of a*ses I’ve ever known!  You’ve been wondering if the show itself is still any good…

All 288 Bart Chalkboard Quotes

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