So we know pretty much nothing but the concept of the Cmoar Viewer thus far, nothing but the amazing sounding concept. It is not just a head mounted display, or an Oculus rip off. No! It is claiming to support 2D (with full HD for each eye), 3D, Augmented Reality and of course Virtual Reality with head tracking. The latter of which seems to be the craze just lately. To top all of this off, the product claims to have Android, Windows Phone, iOS, PC, PS4 and Xbox One support.

If like many people, you seem a little skeptical of something as ambitious as this, you really would not be blamed by anyone, and with good reason. All we can do is keep a close eye on the product this year, hopefully it will be an incredible innovation and not another copy.

Stay tuned to Entertainment Buddha for more information on the Cmoar Viewer and the company behind it, more shall be revealed June 14th.


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