See the Chaotic World of Human Element In Latest Trailer

Human Element is a game coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, which explores a dystopian world taken over by zombies. Robotoki want to dig deeper into the story of such a catastrophic event, and plan to focus on the survival aspects of the game. Though the game sounds pretty serious, the trailer seems to show a slightly humorous side next to all the merciless killing.

According to the game’s website though, defining a character and scavenging for “game changing defenses” look to be the main goal, and so the game certainly has potential to stand up with the best in terms of storytelling and depth. Human Element looks like a unique take on an over-popularized genre, hopefully Robotoki make the game as good as the trailer above.

Human Element is still very much in early stages, so keep coming back to us for updates on this massive new project.


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