Seesmic for Android is the Best Social Networking Client Available

For someone who is entrenched in Social Media like myself it’s important to be able to manage all of my Social Networks in a simple yet effective manner.  I don’t want to have multiple apps to do the same job, because A) I don’t like installing sh*t on my phone if I don’t have to, and B) The stock Facebook and Twitter clients for Android don’t really offer any advanced features that I’m looking for.  Luckily for us smartphone owners we do have some flexibility when it comes to choosing apps to help aid us in staying connected to our social presence.  I’ve tried almost every Twitter/Facebook client out there, namely for the Android OS, but only one has been able to satisfy my requirements for what a great client should have.

The lucky winner is Seesmic!  I just started messing around with this client last week as I was setting up my new HTC Thunderbolt, and I don’t think I’ll need to be looking for another social networking client anytime soon.  I was using Tweetcaster on my Droid X, but that client only interfaced with my Twitter account, and nothing else.  I wanted something similar to Tweetdeck, which I’ve been using in the Chrome browser, and essentially allows you to manage your Twitter, Facebook, and Facebook Pages that you’re an Admin of.  Unfortunately, the Tweetdeck Android app is pretty ugly looking and not as comprehensive as the desktop/browser version.  Coincidentally, the mobile Tweetdeck fail is what led me to the Seesmic client via the similar apps section in the Android Market.  I downloaded the little raccoon looking app, and haven’t looked back since.


Seesmic makes it very easy to keep tabs on your digital connections for someone that has a social networking presence that extends beyond just a Twitter and Facebook account.  It allows you to manage multiple Twitter accounts, Google Buzz, Facebook, Facebook Pages, and for you sales junkies it also works with Chatter.  I love being able to post a tweet to my Twitter feed and Facebook Fan page at the same time.  I want to keep connected to the social scene, so the Seesmic app makes it very easy to manage it’s online presence in a one-stop-shop manner.  Plus, the interface is very clean and intuitive, so if you’re a social networking or gadget retard to begin with Seesmic shouldn’t give you any problems.


The Seesmic client for Android also provides widgets for every account that you setup.  You can control how often they update, and if you want any notifications to be displayed when your social networking accounts get some action.  Seesmic allows you to post long tweets, shorten links, and upload any type of media to all of your social accounts if you so choose.  You can choose which services to use for link shortening, as well as Twitter video uploads.  Seesmic even allows you to upload twitter vids to your YouTube channel if you have one.  It really is a great little app to keep you armed and dangerous in the race to stay socially relevant in this age of instant information and feedback.

Battery performance is unfortunately a concern for us Android owners, but I haven’t found the Seesmic Android app to be that much of a resource hog.  Typically, it registers about a 3% use of my total battery power by the end of the day, but it really depends how often I use it.  I haven’t really felt like it has impacted my Thunderbolt battery in a negative way.

On a side note, I’ve actually found my Thunderbolt’s battery to get better each day, and highly recommend doing some conditioning with it even though all of the message board experts say it’s unnecessary to do on lithium based batteries.

Anyway, if you’ve been looking for an all-in-one social networking app for your smartphone I would highly suggest trying Seesmic out.  You can find it in the Android Market, or if you have a QR reader you can scan the code below to download it.  The best part about Seesmic is that you can also use it on your PC via the desktop client, or if you’re not at your home station you can even use Seesmic via any web browser.  It really is a comprehensive app that allow you to stay on top of the Twittersphere, Facebook happenings, FB Page activity, and others.  If you need to see more check out the demo video below, as well as a pic of what the desktop version of Seesmic looks like.  You’ve been needing something like this to strengthen your social networking presence…

Seesmic QR Code


Seesmic Desktop Client



Seesmic Commercial/Demo



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