Seesmic Strengthens Product Suite With Upgraded Web Client

Seesmic, the company that I featured in a post last week, has since bolstered their application suite with an upgraded version of the web client used to access they’re social networking platform.  Currently, Seesmic offers their client on mobile devices, as a desktop download, and now a much better web application in version  The web app can be accessed by any browser that is connected to the Internet.  All you have to do is head on over to this link, and create an account with Seesmic, or if you don’t want another account to manage you can authenticate to the Seesmic Web App using your Twitter credentials (Bonus!).  Once you’re registered you will now have access to Seesmic anywhere that is connected to the Wild Wild Web.

The upgraded version of Seesmic web is much more robust than the older builds.  You can now manage all of your social networking clients from within the web app.  This means that support for Facebook Pages that your an admin of, as well as Chatter, Foursquare, LinkedIn, and Google Buzz.  If you’ve used the desktop client for Seesmic then the new web app shouldn’t look to unfamiliar.  I’m actually finding it to be a little sexier than the desktop client!  I’m digging the clean black background, as well as the added support for’s FB page.  With the additional functionality to the Seesmic web app I can now access this feature packed social networking organizer without the need of my Android phone, or even the laptop that I have the desktop client installed on.

Seesmic Web

The Seesmic web app is great for those of us social networkers who find themselves on the go.  I would think that people in the sales field would love the new updates, because now they can catch up on all of their Chatter activity from anywhere in the World that has a connection to the Cloud.  You might ask yourself why you’d need the web app if you already have it on your mobile phone?  Well just think about those times when you’re not getting great reception, or how about if you don’t want to install another app on your already bogged down device?  I personally prefer the web app or desktop client when I’m working in my office because I don’t have to worry about my chubby fingers punching the wrong inputs on my Thunderbolt.

Everyone is going to have their favorite way to access Seesmic, but it’s still nice to know that you have options when it comes to this particular platform.  The new upgrades to the Seesmic web app have now made it possible to uninstall the desktop client if you so choose.  If you’re still not convinced about what the Seesmic web app can do for you, I’ve created a video demo of the newest build so you can see its functionality in living form.  Sometime the written word isn’t enough, so like always, I’ve got you covered.  Although, you should learn to read one of these days!  You’ve been thinking about getting on the Seesmic bandwagon…


Hands On Demo With the Upgraded Seesmic Web App



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