Segway Bots Used For Sniper Training – Eat That HONDA

What is it with all of these personal transport machines?  Are we evolving to the point where our legs aren’t sufficient enough to carry us anymore?  Is the Oprah machine out there promoting these personal carriers?  Well the Australian Army has found in my opinion the best use yet for a Segway transport device.  It seems they’re using the new RMP 200 robots for sniper practice.  Bring it on HONDA, can your anus hauler do that?

Now that is useful.  What’s more fun than target practice at the range?  Shooting moving targets that won’t send you to jail comes to mind.  It’s actually a great use of a Segway product, and it makes perfect sense for sniper practice.  How often are these warriors going to be shooting at cardboard targets in the field?  Why not give them a more realistic form of training using Segway bots?  The only thing that could top the bots as practice would be real people, but that’s considered cruel and unusual punishment.  I bet they’d do it in the Middle East!

Check out the Segway’s best application yet in the YouTube video below.  Unfortunately, there isn’t any sound so you can’t hear the poor little bots scream out in pain, but it’s still interesting to watch.  The sniping montage begins about 45 seconds in if you don’t care to watch the very beginning.  I think the machines are close to taking over.


You’re in the Matrix…

Via [Engadget]


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