Seidio Extended-Life Slim Battery for the HTC Thunderbolt Review

It’s been about 5 days since I first started using the 1600mAh extended-life battery from Seidio for my HTC Thunderbolt, and it definitely provides more juice than the stock battery that ships with the phone.  I wouldn’t go as far as saying that the extended-battery will get you through multiple days of not needing to charge your Thunderbolt, but it will easily get you through a full day of use without the need to hook your smartphone up to a charger.

The best part about the Seidio Extended-Life Battery is that it doesn’t add any bulk to your device like the official 2750mAh battery from Verizon.  This is the main reason I went with this off-brand battery versus something officially from Verizon, because the last thing I want is a phone that looks like it has a power plant attached to it.  Literally, more power to you if you choose to use the 2750mAh, which I’d imagine lasts for days without a charge, but do you really want a 2011 phone to look like something that came out of the late 90’s?

Anyway, I installed the Seidio battery into my phone on last Wednesday evening, and followed the directions listed in the image below.  Like I said in my initial review of the HTC Thunderbolt’s battery, I highly recommend doing some conditioning on it before you can officially declare it as a power-less turd.  In fact, the Seidio battery actually comes with instructions on how to properly condition this type of power source, which you can see below.  I really do believe that these steps are key to getting the most out of your Thunderbolt’s battery, so even if you don’t go with the Seidio extended battery, I’d still follow these guidelines to get the most out of your stock HTC battery.

Recommended Battery Conditioning

The first night I actually powered my handset completely off and left in on the charger for the 8 hours as directed, plus after I turned it back on I left it on the charger for another 2 hours just for sh*ts and giggles.  The first day of having the Seidio battery in my Thunderbolt I did notice some improvement over the stock battery, but it wasn’t mind blowing.  Considering that the package tells you that the battery won’t be at it’s full potential until it’s been through 5 to 6 charge cycles I really wasn’t disappointed with the results that I was getting.

On the first day I rode my phone like a call girl trying to make an impression on a new client…Hard!  I was able to get 14 hours out of its initial charge before the phone turned itself off due to low power.  This was planned anyways because I wanted to get a full cycle under the Seidio’s belt before I truly started judging its abilities.  I’m telling you the rumors are true, Li-ion battery still benefit from some conditioning as is evident in the directions for the extended battery.

After the first 2 full days of using the Seidio battery I decided to test out its power performance on two separate days with varying usage levels.  I also didn’t plug my phone into its car charger, nor a USB outlet, so I could fully realize how long this thing could last without needing a charge.  On Saturday I used my Thunderbolt in what I’d like to call a light to moderate scenario.

Basically, I made some calls, did some light web surfing, played around in Seesmic, and used the camera to take a few pics and mail them to my Gmail account.  When it was all said and done my Thunderbolt registered 38% battery life left after being off the charger for 17 hours!  I would estimate that the Seidio Extended-Life Battery could easily get around 20-22 hours of life while using your phone in a light to moderate manner.  Not too shabby, eh?

On Sunday I decided to use my Thunderbolt like an obsessed user, constantly waking it up and farting around on it.  I had a few long calls, played a bunch of Flash based games in the Kongregate app, did some extensive social networking via the Seesmic client and the WordPress Android app, and used the web to view achievement guides for the new WWE All-Stars game.

Basically, I made sure to check my phone every 30 minutes or so to replicate heavy use.  Just like Saturday I also didn’t charge it once I took it off the charger to start my day.  By the end of Sunday night I had 41% battery left after being off the charger for 15 hours.  I would estimate that the Seidio Extended-Life Battery could easily get around 18-20 hours of life while using you phone in a moderate to heavy manner.

Again, this is definitely an improvement over the stock battery from HTC, and in my opinion the Seidio battery provides enough juice to get most users through the day.  I’d imagine that if you used your Thunderbolt to watch movies or play games all day it’d probably only last 8 hours, but that’s what tablets are for, so quit beating up your phone!

If you’ve been thinking about grabbing the Seidio Extnended-Life Battery for your HTC Thunderbolt I highly recommend doing so.  The extra 200mAh that you get over the stock battery seems to be enough to get most users through the day.  It doesn’t add any bulk to your phone with its slim style, and for $49.99 it’s well worth the cost to have a backup battery in your arsenal.

In case you’re wondering I’ve listed some of the main settings that I used on my Thunderbolt below to achieve the results I had with this new battery.  Depending on how you have your phone setup I’d imagine that the Seidio battery may perform a little better, or worse in your case.  Regardless, it’s still better than the stock battery, so if you’ve been feeling the power pains then I’d definitely grab the extended battery today.  You’ve been empowered to get more power…

EB Thunderbolt Settings During Seidio Tests

  1. Brightness set at 25% indoors, Auto-Bright when outside (2 hours on this setting)
  2. Wifi was turned on all day
  3. Mobile data was set to auto-sync
  4. All widgets set to 1 hour refreshes (Using around 10 widgets)
  5. Screen sleeps after 30 seconds


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