Sell Your AT&T Stock Immediately! Verizon Finally Has the iPhone!

This announcement should come as no surprise to anyone who follows the gadget world.  It’s long been rumored that the iPhone would eventually come to the Verizon network, and many analysts picked 2011 as the year for it to happen.  Sure enough, Verizon announced today that Apple’s iPhone 4 will be available in their stores beginning 2/10, or 2/3 for super Verizon customers like myself (AKA Customers who still pay for Verizon service even though they’re treated like dog sh*t).

If you would’ve asked me a year ago if I would pop a chub over the thought of the iPhone 4 coming to Verizon I would have most definitely said yes.  Now that the Android platform has become an essential part of my life, I honestly could give a rat’s ass about today’s announcement.  All I needed to see was a loyal Apple fanboy in such disgust over the iPhone4 that he chose to switch to a Droid for me to give up on my quest to one day own and iPhone.  I just don’t care, and although the iPhone 4 has superior hardware to my Droid X, I still want the functionality that the Android OS provides.  I don’t want to be shackled to a look and feel that Lord Jobs says I have to use.  It’s all about functionality and I believe the Android platform delivers this in a fantastic way.  I feel like moving from the Android OS to iOS4 would almost be taking a step back.

Just because I’m not pumped doesn’t mean that the rest of the world won’t rush into Verizon stores in February and buy up the devices like they’re candy.  Believe me, these things will sell like hotcakes, and possibly give Apple the push it needs to re-take the spot as the most used smartphone in the World.  Some analysts are expecting 9-13 million units sold for the 2011 fiscal season just at Verizon.  Like the post title says, you better unload that AT&T stock, because it is going to drop faster than a fat man chasing after an ice cream truck.  You’ve thought that you’d be more excited about the iPhone 4 coming to Verizon…

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